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The $100,000 animation drawing course (for only $8!)

"You can go to animation school, spend a $100,000 and not learn a damn thing about the basics of good animation drawing- OR you can buy a Preston Blair book for $8 and learn it all in a couple months. You pick." --John Kricfalusi

Stephen Worth, director of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive says: Preston BlairJerry Beck of Cartoon Brew (http://www.cartoonbrew.com) recently lent a copy of the extremely rare first edition of Preston Blair's landmark book, "Animation" to the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive to digitize. It's totally different than the edition currently available in stores, because it uses characters from Tom & Jerry and Tex Avery cartoons to illustrate the various principles! You can find scans of this amazing book book at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive at...

Preston Blair's Animation 1st Edition Part One.

Preston Blair's Animation 1st Edition Part Two.

John Kricfalusi was so impressed with the beautiful drawings in this edition, he has decided to divide the book up into individual lessons and present his own advice along with each one on his blog, All Kinds of Stuff.

The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has posted a jump page for students who want to take this informal blog-based course. The jump page has links to all of the resources a student will need, and we will link from there to the web pages of students who have posted their completed assignment drawings on their own web pages or blogs.

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course Jump Page.
It's time to pull out the paper and pencils and start cartooning!
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