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Character Animation for Rise of the Flight 1917 cut-scenes

We made a lot of character animation for a large series of level premonitory cut-scenes in Rise of the Flight 1917 game.
Game developer: NEOQB, publisher: 777studios.
The game plot implied development of interpersonal relationships between fighter squadron pilots. First, aces look down on beginners and banter them slightly. Later on, when newcomers get more and more experienced, they become friends.

This is a scene which comes before one of the first missions. That's why experienced Rickenbacker treats John a bit haughtily. John is a freshman, so his behaviour is corresponding to situation. We had to complete these scenes in a very short time. One scene took from 2 to 5 days to finish (character body and face animation). We rendered this scene, so in-game it might look and sound in a different way.
You can download a better quality avi (12,5MB) from this page:

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