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Gah! Carbonfibre!

I'm hoping somone can give me a few suggestions, here.

I'm working on a couple of portfolio fillers, currently rendering out with Max5's basic renderer, without raytracing ( Yeah, I know, Max5's well out of date now, but, I cant afford to upgrade...), and, as a bit of a motorsport addict, decided that one model would be the ubiquitous racecar, in this case, an Aston Martin DBR9.
Now the paint is a bit of a nightmare, a slightly metallic teal... but it's the swathes of carbonfibre that are causing me a problem with higher resolution textures. when it's rendered, the weave on the carbon results in a moire effect coming up...

short from the obvious answer ("don't use carbonfibre, you idiot") can anyone suggest any solutions to this problem?

if needs be, I'll link up an image for it to be clearer
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