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1st December 2009

animatorer11:01am: Hello.
I have found one cool 2D video.

15th October 2009

eonen11:18pm: The Adventures of Kanira Baxter
The Adventures of Kanira Baxter is an old school Space Opera webcomic serial about a space adventurer and her friends, aboard their ship the White Knight. They begin the story as bounty hunters, intent upon defending the weak and helpless as a career, though Kanira has always had a dream of being a space explorer...

Done in 3D Studio MAX and Photoshop, The Adventures of Kanira Baxter is what you get when you cross Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Firefly, while giving it a kind of NASA-meets-the-Jetsons pulp look.
More Pics Behind the CutCollapse )

With 61 pages up so far, and updating Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the Adventures of Kanira Baxter is worth giving a look.
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21st September 2009

annaokey2:25pm: Character Animation for Rise of the Flight 1917 cut-scenes

We made a lot of character animation for a large series of level premonitory cut-scenes in Rise of the Flight 1917 game.
Game developer: NEOQB, publisher: 777studios.
The game plot implied development of interpersonal relationships between fighter squadron pilots. First, aces look down on beginners and banter them slightly. Later on, when newcomers get more and more experienced, they become friends.

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14th February 2009

eonen10:55am: Just some action from my upcoming 3D comic
Software: 3D Studio MAX

While animation is a passion of mine, the stories I want to tell would take tens of millions of dollars, a team of hundreds (if not thousands), and many, many years to tell...so I'm going for a comic instead.
But since 3D art is also my passion, and because I can't really draw very well, I'm going to do that comic in 3D. I can get the story told a lot quicker that way, and I only have to model what I need for the next page rather than having to finish the entire story before I can show it. So...

More to come; once I get about 30 pages done, I'll start putting it online for real.
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10th February 2009

nnnslogan7:20pm: robot bartender

I left this one sitting for a long time because I wasn't planning to complete the project any time soon, but I finally figured I should knock it out for my portfolio, so it's basically done now. It was originally for a story that tmcm and I were going to do (ahem) ten years ago.

29th January 2009

eonen10:05am: Thinking about starting my own 3D comic
I'd completely forgotten I was part of this group. Heh.

Anyway, armed with 3D Studio MAX and an active imagination, I'm thinking very seriously about starting an online comic called The Adventures of Kanira Baxter:

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There's more to come; I'm going to get about 30 pages ahead and then find hosting, probably at Comic Genesis...I'll letcha know.

So...feedback? What do folks think?
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zyalt8:56pm: VRayScatter 2.0

New version VRayScatter. Now there is a unique possibility to create even more complicated and realistic scenes, doing this process easy as never before. Intuitively simple interface, rich possibilities and excellent result. A new generation algorithm was developed and also a new features are available now:

• Animation parameters support.
• Objects crossing control.
• Support of animated and procedural maps.
• Gradient Edge and Color Edge support.
• Possibility to set rotate parameters on a map.
• Possibility of scaling by local coordinates (on each axis separately).
• Possibility of mixing simultaneously a few maps by VRayScatterMask.
• Possibility to set a proxy color, based on texture of allocated surface. Also a possibility to mix this color with procedural.
• Render nodes now not need registration.

Price of VRayScatter 2.0 is € 200. Rendernode version is for free now.
New version for all users of previous version is for free.

Version for MentalRay will be soon...


23rd March 2008

eonen3:27pm: New Member
Seems as if most of the 3D animation communities are in freakin' Russian...which I neither read nor speak. Hmph.

Anyway, I'm a 3DS MAX user, myself, and I've been working on an all animated Star Wars fan film for a while. I'm also seriously considering doing a webcomic entirely in 3D.

To that end, I've been building this, the main character of that comic for the last two or three days. I Just built her teeth and her tongue today, hence the funky expression on her face, to show those off.

Not a lot else to say...I'm just looking for communities where I can chat with like-minded people, exchange animation advice, that sorta thing.
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5th June 2007

kingnat3:29pm: 3DS Max particles
I'm trying to get particles to collide with complex geometry in a pre-existing model.
I've obviously not understood the principles invoked, so any and all help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

12th January 2007

harroldsheep6:48am: what NOT to use CG for.
link really NSFW. trust me on this.

if it was just Poser pr0n, fine, but the guy had to THINK OF and MAKE that displacement map for the...ahem...hair.

*head desk*
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29th November 2006

pixel_8766:09pm: Tutorials
Great tutorial database: NuTutorials

21st October 2006

harroldsheep4:24pm: rapidshare.de sucks.
not only did they delete my demo reel i uploaded, they now say their hard drives are all full.

so i've put the reel on my site. here are the direct links:


the breakdown here:

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12th October 2006

harroldsheep1:45am: ...and for you YouTubers...

direct link here.
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harroldsheep1:25am: my demo reel!
finally was able to find an encoding app that kept the audio AND didn't trash the video quality.
it's 76 megs, down from a staggering 350+ megs.


pass on to your HRs, guys....;)
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13th August 2006

thingie6:26pm: Hi. Silly maya hotkey question. Does anyone remember the hotkey for hiding the maya grid? I know you can simply go into the display panel and select it, but wasn't there a shortcut key for it?

3rd July 2006

harroldsheep3:56pm: got this e:mail....
completely unsolicited...looks like somebody's trolling the AWN e:mail listings.

anyway, after checking out their web-site, there is NOTHING about animation: not a link, not a mention.
they do, however, have a "Sealants & Adhesives" Division, "Phamaceuticals & Chemical", and under "Art Materials", they have "colouring books, etc.".
why didn't you say so in the first place. freaking colouring books, etc.! wowsers!!!!
well then, that's certainly enough for me to trust them with my 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Flash Animation, Post-Production, SFX and Digital content creation.
and they end the e:mail with...

Looking forward for mutually beneficial business relationship with your esteem organization.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Ravi Mishra working with Kores ( India ) Limited as a Production Head – Animation Dept.. This has reference to your 2D-3D Animation requirements posted on www.awn.com , I would like to take this opportunity to brief you about our services.

Kores (India) Limited


Kores (India) Limited (http://www.kores-india.com)  an ISO 9001-2000 Certified company. The Kores brand name has enjoyed unchallenged loyalty of consumers in India for the last 74 years & having nationwide branches network in 40 Locations.Today, the Kores name symbolizes the virtues of continuous product development, technological innovation, research and development and an unending urge to excel. The consistent high quality of research and development has been the backbone of our endeavors.

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12th May 2006

harroldsheep10:27am: The $100,000 animation drawing course (for only $8!)
"You can go to animation school, spend a $100,000 and not learn a damn thing about the basics of good animation drawing- OR you can buy a Preston Blair book for $8 and learn it all in a couple months. You pick." --John Kricfalusi

Stephen Worth, director of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive says: Preston BlairJerry Beck of Cartoon Brew (http://www.cartoonbrew.com) recently lent a copy of the extremely rare first edition of Preston Blair's landmark book, "Animation" to the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive to digitize. It's totally different than the edition currently available in stores, because it uses characters from Tom & Jerry and Tex Avery cartoons to illustrate the various principles! You can find scans of this amazing book book at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive at...

Preston Blair's Animation 1st Edition Part One.

Preston Blair's Animation 1st Edition Part Two.

John Kricfalusi was so impressed with the beautiful drawings in this edition, he has decided to divide the book up into individual lessons and present his own advice along with each one on his blog, All Kinds of Stuff.

The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has posted a jump page for students who want to take this informal blog-based course. The jump page has links to all of the resources a student will need, and we will link from there to the web pages of students who have posted their completed assignment drawings on their own web pages or blogs.

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course Jump Page.
It's time to pull out the paper and pencils and start cartooning!

9th May 2006

harroldsheep9:31am: well...it was a long time coming....
SGI files for bakruptcy.

i remember way back when when the ONLY machines i could see from my desk were SGIs.
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1st May 2006

harroldsheep1:18pm: x-posted from harroldsheep, my regular journal.

Charlotte's Web trailer.



ADDENDUM: ...yup...gots me a job and i fly down tomorrow! Anyone has any XSI tutorial links, just the basics like hotkeys and such, so i can brush up?
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11th April 2006

suzerain2:23pm: Gah! Carbonfibre!
I'm hoping somone can give me a few suggestions, here.

I'm working on a couple of portfolio fillers, currently rendering out with Max5's basic renderer, without raytracing ( Yeah, I know, Max5's well out of date now, but, I cant afford to upgrade...), and, as a bit of a motorsport addict, decided that one model would be the ubiquitous racecar, in this case, an Aston Martin DBR9.
Now the paint is a bit of a nightmare, a slightly metallic teal... but it's the swathes of carbonfibre that are causing me a problem with higher resolution textures. when it's rendered, the weave on the carbon results in a moire effect coming up...

short from the obvious answer ("don't use carbonfibre, you idiot") can anyone suggest any solutions to this problem?

if needs be, I'll link up an image for it to be clearer
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27th March 2006

harroldsheep9:38am: Wha...?
Dear Sir,

Myself Sudhir, a multimedia designer in a Pvt ltd company in India. I have gone through your website www.flyingsheep.org and seen the excellent work executed by you. Your work is admirable and it created an enthusiasm in me to learn and grow more in my field.

I am one imaginative soul with zeal to excel in my chosen field. I have worked on varied projects, first as a freelancer and later as a team member in different organizations. I always deliver what is expected from me as a multimedia designer.
After seeing your work I just got passion to gain more knowledge. Please give me a chance to work under you so that I can become skilled at animations.

I am attaching my CV along with this mail and would be happy to furnish any other information required.
I will be highly obliged to you for taking me as a trainee if my CV is suitable for it.

Looking forward for your reply.
Thanking You
Kind Regards,
Sudhir Pxxxxxxx
# 91-9818xxxxxxx
New Delhi,India
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20th March 2006

harroldsheep3:43pm: harrold the flying sheep's demo reel!
my demo reel is online...be warned it's 400+ MB and takes almost two hours to download.
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17th March 2006

minako_chan1:20am: Intro post and questions already!

Hey everyone! I'm a new member. I looked through the first page of posts and you guys are really talented! (Wish I could say the same for myself. Lol.) I've been working with 3D Max on and off, through school. I have the worst teachers so I've basically been teaching myself.
I have a Logo Animation project coming up, it involves a Lacrosse stick ---- I've modeled it the best I could but in my eyes it sucks. Does anyone know where I could get a tutorial for something like that? Thanks in advance guys! =)

x-posted; 3dmax, 3dsmax

3rd January 2006

nnnslogan12:12am: Batman

I made this in 3D Studio Max via box modeling.

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